Sex Toys

sex toys

Firstly, I remember my girlfriend when I was 20 years old. Beautiful girl. We would have sex as much as we could whenever we would see each other. I remember her telling me that when the sex gets boring, tell her. I asked why? She says we will have to spice it up with sex toys. That put a smile on my face.

Unfortunately that time never came that the sex got boring because we broke up. After not being able to see her, all I can imagine is how great it would be to spice the sex life up with her. She was so open. After watching fifty shades of grey, I thought to myself, that is what she would of wanted to spice up the sex life. Sex toys.

I did more research into sex toys and to my amazement there is a massive selection of pleasure out there waiting to be discovered. Shop online at for all the sex toys to spice up your sex life.

Boot Knife

boot knife

A concealed boot knife could save yours or somebody else’s life. If needed its right there for obtaining.

The SW Boot Knife with a fixed blade is part of Smith and Wesson’s Hostage Rescue Team line. The HRT 9 is a great boot knife that features a black powder coated stainless steel dagger blade with a sharpened edge. The handle has a ribbed rubber grip with an over-sized guard so you can keep your hand set in even the most demanding situations. Included is a leather sheath has button closure and a steel clip for carry.

Single Edge Boot Knife by Bear & Son Cutlery is a durable fixed blade with a strong composition. The blade is made from 1095 carbon steel which is known for holding a keen edge and also its ease of sharpening. The handle is made from textured black. Designed for comfort and grip in all conditions. The 788 Boot Knife comes with a Kydex boot sheath.

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