Vibrating Panties

vibrating panties

If you are a women working at a desk job 8 hours a day, that can be very boring at times. We suggest spicing it up once a week or at least once a month. Imagine with a click of a button to turn on and off pleasure at your desk. Concealed pleasure just for you. We like to introduce you to vibrating panties for women.

They come as crotch less panties and a mini bullet vibrator. There are different styles to choose from.

Lucid Persona carries the largest selection of vibrating panties we have ever seen in the USA. Free shipping.

Sex Toys

sex toys

Firstly, I remember my girlfriend when I was 20 years old. Beautiful girl. We would have sex as much as we could whenever we would see each other. I remember her telling me that when the sex gets boring, tell her. I asked why? She says we will have to spice it up with sex toys. That put a smile on my face.

Unfortunately that time never came that the sex got boring because we broke up. After not being able to see her, all I can imagine is how great it would be to spice the sex life up with her. She was so open. After watching fifty shades of grey, I thought to myself, that is what she would of wanted to spice up the sex life. Sex toys.

I did more research into sex toys and to my amazement there is a massive selection of pleasure out there waiting to be discovered. Shop online at for all the sex toys to spice up your sex life.